Electric Cargo Bikes

Electric Cargo Bikes Are The Ideal Eco-Sustainable Vehicle In Metropolitan Areas

More and more people are becoming fans of electric cargo bicycles. With the crisis and the cost of petrol skyrocketing, with the lack of parking spaces in the metropolis and with the risk of fines for no parking, the cargo bike is spreading. It is a trend in Northern Europe, but we already see them darting by in EU too.

It is considered by the highway code as a normal bicycle , and in the clectric version with pedal assistance, it does not require a license, a road tax or even insurance. Furthermore, a small model can load over 100 kg and thanks to the gearbox, pedaling is light even without the pedal assist.

Many do not know that it can be transported by train or underground and is very useful as a means of making wonderful trips and visiting cities, reaching them by train and also making transfers by underground.

In the cities of Northern Europe, such as Amsterdam, the traffic in the center is almost absent, and everyone moves by electric city bike or electric cargo bike.

A cargo tricycle, if properly modified, can also be an irreplaceable aid for transporting People with Disabilities seated in a wheelchair. It is a tool that can give happy moments to those who unfortunately do not have the mobility.

Cargo bicycles are also useful in your free time to organize splendid trips in the countryside, along roads without traffic and cycle paths, perhaps transporting your pet, avoiding cycling, for example, with the dog on a leash, running the risk of falling or seeing his paws wear out ….

The cargo bicycle is also fun as a touring vehicle, and someone could also use it as a tool for cycling trips.