Women Watches

How to pick the perfect watch for women

Every woman has her style and every style speaks about who she is. All you need to know about a woman is mostly on how well she chooses her accessories. However, on this subject, it will not be about how to choose a good watch; it will be about how to choose a luxury watch for you. There’s a huge difference between wearing a watch because you need to know the time and wearing it to make a fashion statement.

Ladies who take time to put on their make-up are often meticulous on what looks good on them. Any woman who loves her sense of pride will know that every piece of jewelry on her body brings out everything in her. So for luxury watches, you will be choosing a brand, design, the material, and its technology or functionality. So you won’t be picking women’s luxury watches because they will look good on you but because they have what you always wanted.

Watches for Women

The Material

The material refers to picking a watch made of diamonds, silver, metal, brass, and yellow or white gold. Remember each of the materials is a perfect pick depending on how you plan to wear them. Each piece of the watch will have its own price depending on how much you would like the piece of jewelry to be made of pure gold, silver, or diamonds. A watch made of pure gold or silver will also have its value based on carats such that an 18-carat gold watch would be differently valued compared to a 21-carat gold watch.

The Style

Most standard wristwatches come in leather bands but for luxury watches the watch band is the fashion stamp on how you like to dress your watches. Any woman with a sense of fashion will know a good gold watch will have to have the right material for its wrist band to complete her dressing. So if you pick a silver watch the band has at least to be made of silver, gold but it has to be metallic, and the purer it is the better.

Women Watches Style

Watch Face Shape

All watches come with different face shapes with some being in oval, circular, square, rectangular, or in hexagon shapes. Each shape says a lot about your personality and general style. The type of watch face you pick will depend on how you like the watch’s shape looking on your wrist meaning if you like it circular it would simply suggest you love simplicity with a sense of sophistication. At times, a square-shaped watch implies a sense of classic yet contemporary taste in fashion.


The other aspect of women luxury watches is in their features and if they complement their worth such as if it is waterproof, has shock resistance, and among other features.


Therefore, look at every piece of jewelry in your jewelry box and see how well your watch will blend in with the rest of the pieces. Perhaps, it makes it to stand out or makes it a perfect match for your gold bands and necklaces but at the end of any event it will have to have completed your entire look.