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Party Wear – Long Shirts With Churidar For Women 2020

Long Shirts With Churidar

Nowadays the trend of long shirts with churidars has become very popular. Especially on parties, girls are seen in these and they are considered very classic and chic. There is a wide variety of colors and a whole lot of different designs coming up. Following is a collection of dresses that are long shirts accompanied with churidars or tights as they are commonly known. The first is a brilliant masterpiece of blended embroidery and colors.

Two different shades of purple combine to create an ultimate outfit for parties. A shocking pink bodice has been sewn in velvet along with chiffon sleeves. Underneath, there is a dark purple long shirt reaching up to the ankles sprinkled with artistic embroidery. The floral design adds a fresh essence to the garb, making it a good option to wear on an evening occasion.

Black is a color that is said to remain forever in vogue. Here is a brilliant black long shirt with churidar. There is nothing too ostentatious on it, just a decent little piece of silver embroidery to define the neck and shoulders and that’s it. Chiffon sleeves look nice with the pleated frock-shaped long shirt. Going with a black churidar, the dress looks mighty good.

Designed in a somewhat similar fashion, this is a magenta long shirt. This one is a little chirpier as compared to the previous one. What accounts for this is the design on the bodice. It presents an image of jamavar where in reality it is silk. Tiny golden blocks look artistic and undoubtedly sublime.

The three quarter sleeves beautifully complement the bodice and overshadow the complete length of the shirt. Next time before going to party, you will not have any problem deciding what to wear. Churidar designed long frock, churidar with long shirts women 2020, girls shifon long frocks with choridar, long shirts.

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