Short Straight Hair

Stunning And Latest Bangs Hairstyle For Short Straight Hair

Teenage is a time when everyone seems preoccupied with their looks. Apart from clothing and shoes, it is hairstyle that bothers most young girls the most. The most popular trend nowadays is straightened hair, either let loose or tied in a pigtail. Following are a few latest hairstyles made out of straightened hair with slight changes that make your looks differ completely.

Taking the instance, the first thing that can be regarded worth noting is that the hair is cut and is quite short actually. Secondly, they have been straightened out with a flat iron so that each and every strand is easily distinguishable. Bangs have been kept aside to emanate a clear classy look. Bangs have to be cut very nicely and it is in your best interest if you get your emo bangs cut from a highly professional hair stylist or from a well-reputed salon.

Messing with bangs is something that cannot be taken as an option. In this picture however, the model’s hair has been cut with a blade as the pointed edges reveal. These look classic if they are straightened, otherwise they appear very casual.

Turning your hair bangs to the right or the left is entirely up to you. Whatever you feel you’re in the mood for, you can suit yourself. Hilary Duff, the famous singer-actor is known for her straight hair bangs and she never fears experimenting with her hair. She has long hair, nicely cut and straightened with bangs turned to the left. This gives her a girlish, carefree aura and she feels alright sporting that!

Straightened but tied hair doesn’t look bad either. Hair knotted in a neat little bun with bangs and a few seductive strands also look amazing, especially for a formal evening when you have an elaborate outfit to manage and cannot cope up with long, loose hair. Keeping all these instances in front, it can be deduced that straight hair with bangs can work wonders!